Flat roofed homes can be very attractive, with historical designs and elegant architecture; however the roofing products and contractors used can pose real issues for homeowners. The vast majority of residential roofing contractors are focused on shingles or metal panel roofing, which require a minimum of 3” per 1’ of slope to shed water properly. These contractors have a very limited knowledge of flat roofing materials available, and little to no experience installing materials correctly.

There are five attributes a homeowner should be looking for when selecting a roofing system/contractor for their flat roofed home:

  1. A long term roofing solution that requires little to no maintenance and carries a manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. A roofing system that is specifically designed for flat roofs.
  3. A roofing system that is quick and easy to install with no open flames, hazardous chemicals, or dangerous fumes.
  4. A roofing system that can provide savings on energy costs.
  5. A roofing contractor with experience and references on flat roofed projects. CE Davis Contracting LLC has selected the Duro-Last Roofing System, as it is one of the only flat roof products that offer a manufacturer’s written warranty for residential projects and meets all criteria above. Expert installation by our trained technicians will be quiet, clean and safe. We have the experience to handle not only the waterproofing operations, but design aesthetically pleasing finishing details that are often overlooked by commercial flat roofing contractors.