One call to CE Davis Contracting LLC and we will take it from there. First and foremost, we provide a no cost, no obligation roof evaluation. We have the experience to spot potential problems and take corrective measures before leaks occur. We can usually repair leaks to prolong the life of current roofing systems, and establish a budget for roofing expenditures in the coming years. We provide a detailed report on our findings and recommendations.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, within our roof evaluations and reports, and most importantly, on your roof. If it is determined that a new roofing system is necessary, we offer full scale roofing operations with as little disruption to building operations as possible.

Our product of choice is the Duro-Last Roofing System due to the extensive prefabrication of deck sheets and flashings. Reduced on-site labor and waterproofing judgment calls create a higher quality, longer lasting roof assembly with minimal disruptions. Once the installation of the Duro-Last Roofing System is completed by our factory trained technicians, the roofing system becomes virtually maintenance free and carries a long term, no dollar limit materials and labor warranty for peace of mind.